Debugging Jekyll

In this post, I am trying to note down my experience with Jekyll debugging.

Jekyll works in following way, as per my understanding.

  1. Parses the mark down files
  2. uses the layout file
  3. Generates the conent based on the above two.

Debugging the markdown file:

  1. Should be pretty easy, use browser -> view page source
  2. check for the anomoly and try to solve the same.

Debugging in the layout file:

  1. view how the source code is generated by jekyll and given to browser -> view page source
  2. use the inpect option as explained below. To debug below,

    Web Animations
    Debugging Jekyll
    WEBDesign Resources
    WebPage using Jekyll & GithubPages

First use the inspect option as below, This will ouput all the details of variables into html page source, see by -> Browser -> view page source.
Do not think the line between the dashed lines are blank, see the page html source.

Finally use the google search and jekyll extensive documentation, available. I am trying to make the Jekyll setup working for github pages, so i am not intestred in all features of jekyll.
Use Below commenting options wisely, for commenting “liquid tags” in layout file.

use below tags in html files,